Personaggi illustrati di Barbara Cantini A comprare la città di Stoccolma Anyone but Ivy Pocket cover Stazione del treno - illustrazione di Barbara Cantini

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For Greenwillow books (HarperCollins), the book "Bring me the head of Ivy Pocket" will be released in United States in May 2017. The first book "Anyone but Ivy Pocket" and the second "Somebody stop Ivy Pocket" with my illustrations are published in United States, Spain and Sweden. 

For updates and news please visit my blog, where whenever possible I talk about my work.
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Bring me the head of Ivy Pocket - cover Barbara CantiniSomebody stop Ivy Pocket - Barbara CantiniAnyone but ivy pocket Barbara CantiniA comprare la città di Stoccolma - Rodari - Barbara CantiniAnansi the clever spider - Barbara cantiniThe backwards judge - Einaudi - illustration by Barbara Cantini


Lucca Comics and Games Fair 2015 - Strumenti di viaggio Barbara Cantini - Rivista Illustrati Marzo 2014 Barbara Cantini - Calendario Città del Sole 2012 Barbara Cantini - Illustratore dell'anno 2011 Barbara Cantini - Annual Illustratori 2012

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