I'm Barbara, an illustrator and author of books for children and young adults.
I work mainly for American, British and Italian publishers.

For Greenwillow-HarperCollins, I illustrated the Ivy Pocket trilogy, which has been translated into many different languages and sold throughout the world.

In October 2017 Mortina by Mondadori Ragazzi, my first book as an author as well as illustrator, will be published.

After graduating and gaining a diploma in cinema animation, I started my career as a cartoon animator, working on various TV series for the RAI TV channel. In 2011, I won the Città del Sole 'Illustrator of the Year' award, and since then I've specialized in children's illustration.

I like vintage clothes, chocolate, travelling (and returning home), interior design, eggs, American comedies from the 50s & 60s, board games and breaking the crust on crème brulée.  

I'm also (in random order):
... a compulsive buyer of books, especially illustrated ones
... a mum to two lovely daughters, Eleonora and Camilla
... a hoarder of coloured napkins 
... a huge cat-lover
... and a very sporadic walker

I live in the Tuscan countryside with my husband, our two daughters, three four (!) cats and a slightly daft hamster.

Barbara-Cantini-Illustrator - Portrait


HarperCollins - Greenwillow books, Mondadori Ragazzi, Einaudi Ragazzi, Città del Sole, Emme edizioni, Top That Publishing, Corint Editura, Macmillan, Pearson Italia, Rizzoli Education, Parpignol.

Competitions, exhibitions, reviews

Strumenti di viaggio competition and exhibition Lucca Comics & Games 2015

Featured on Illustrati no. March 2014 – LOGOS ed.

"Annual Illustratori Italiani" 2012 

Winner of the Illustrator of the Year award, Città del Sole, 2011.